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Sharing Hearts

In-Home Care with a Sharing Heart

Sharing Hearts is dedicated to providing the highest quality in-home care services and TeleHealth Solutions to the elderly and to those of any age who have physical challenges in the southeast Michigan area.

We enable our clients to live happy, healthy and independent lives in their place of residence, whether a home, assisted living community, or even a nursing home with the help of their Sharing Hearts caregiver.

We free family members from time consuming tasks so they have more time to visit with their loved ones.  Family members also enjoy the peace of mind knowing their loved one is safe and comfortable with the care Sharing Hearts provides.

Our commitment to providing care with a gentle touch and kindness will become apparent on your first call to Sharing Hearts.

All our Caregivers participate in our Caregiver Code of Conduct Training™ which emphasizes interacting with our clients in a way that enhances their quality of life, their independence and their dignity.

We have partnered with CST which gives Sharing Hearts the ability to incorporate into our care plans the latest TeleHealth Technologies for our clients.

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