Although most of the people Sharing Hearts cares for are elderly loved ones, we also provide companion and home care services for people of all ages. Life can challenge each of us with many obstacles and although we often prefer to face these battles ourselves, it's always nice to have family and friends at our sides. Sharing Hearts is exactly that, another means of support, at your side to help you, or a loved one, live the life you've always wanted.

Whether you or your loved one is recuperating from an accident, could use a kind companion to help take care of a few things, or have a child you love who could use a little extra support, Sharing Hearts has a caregiver who can help. The foundation of personal growth certainly comes from within, but building a life full of happiness, health, and independence is best achieved with a sharing heart.

Below is a list of our services. Your specific care needs may require a little of each in which case we can customize a plan that will meet your specific care needs.

Homemaker/Companion Services

Home support service focuses on daily care of the home and meals. In addition to light housekeeping needs such as vacuuming, dusting, dishes, laundry, ironing, changing beds, cleaning appliances and cabinets, washing floors, and taking out trash, among other things, home support also includes meal preparation on a daily basis along with special occasions such as holidays and guest entertaining. And if needed, pet care and gardening as well.

Companion Care Services

Companion care service is focused primarily on kindness, friendship, and bringing joy to one's spirits. These are the activities that fill one's heart, keep the mind active and engaged, and are the foundation of our care. Companionship goes well beyond engaging conversation to include client preferred activities such as playing games, cards, crafts, writing, reading, walking, cooking, entertaining, planning, holiday and special occasion baking, assisting in entertaining friends and family, visiting friends and neighbors, shopping, event attendance like plays, movies and religious services, medication and appointment reminders, holiday and birthday card writing and remembering, and much more.

Personal Care Services

In addition to companionship, our personal care service includes assisting the client with daily tasks such as grooming (hair care, shaving, cleaning, teeth/dentures, makeup, dressing), hygiene (tub, bed, or sponge baths, showers, toileting), mobilization (turning, lifts, transfers, exercise, walking), eating/feeding, and much more.

Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

Safety and attention to detail are necessities when caring for a loved one with either Alzheimer's or Dementia. Sharing Hearts will work with you to establish a safer and more comfortable home. Trusting relationships and techniques will be utilized to maximize independence and happiness for as long as possible. Our specialized approach of encouragement, consistency, and assistance helps family members cope with the challenges of Alzheimer's and other dementia illnesses.

Hospital Sitter

Anyone who has ever stayed with a loved one in a hospital knows that despite the best of intentions, hospital staff can not be at your loved one's side throughout the day. Random visits by staff is not always enough to keep a loved one from stumbling out of bed, calling for assistance should pain become unbearable, or emotionally support a lonely patient whose family can not always be available. Sharing Hearts' hospital sitters act on behalf of your loved one when you are unable to be at the hospital yourself. From companionship to aiding to the rest room or just getting away from the bed for a moment, our hospital sitters can help lift your loved ones spirits during their hospital stay.

Twenty-Four Hour Care

For some families, a loved one may reach a point where twenty-four hour care is most helpful. These long hours can be taxing on family as the loved one is too often unable to sleep through the night waking up for whatever reasons. Or, sometimes there is simply peace of mind that comes with having someone at your loved one's side throughout the day. Sharing Hearts offers twenty-four hour care for each of our services above. Please note that we do not have set rates for such care and prefer to assess both the loved one's need and the client's need when determining a care rate that is appropriate to the individual need.