To assist with the challenges our clients and Families face in providing the best of care to their loved ones beyond the personal touch of Sharing Hearts Caregivers. Sharing Hearts has formed a partnership with CST the leading TeleHeath care company in the industry. This partnership allows Sharing Heart to incorporate into our care plan and recommendations the use of technology that is specifically designed to either augment the Caregiver services Sharing Hearts provides, or provide the first steps in the care giving process for those who are maybe just not ready for a Caregiver at this time in their life but could benefit from the TeleHeatlh technology.

The TeleHeath technology that Sharing Hearts represent are comprised of systems like, Personal Emergency Response System, Medication Management System, All of which are monitored by CTS's comprehensive 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 day state of the art Care Center. The Care Center is staffed by representatives that are CST-LTL certified and go through extensive training on care services and emergency response. With a press of a button or a signal the Care Center Representatives are instantly in touch with you and have immediate access to your personal information providing instructions for your Sharing Hearts Caregiver, Family , Friends  and or appropriate emergency response.

For more information on the TeleHeatlh systems Sharing Hearts provides please click on the Hearts below to download your free brochure that explains more about each of these offerings and how they can benefit you and your loved one: